Orca roofing: considering both the customer and the environment

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Welcome to Orca Roofing, the Eastside’s top roofing company. We combine eco-friendly methods and materials with white-glove service to give you the best experience when it comes to roof replacement. The construction industry isn’t known for its consideration for the environment or the customer’s property, but Orca Roofing is rewriting the script. 

Eco Friendly

We are residents and homeowners on the Eastside too, and run a company with the same considerations we’d want on our own home. One of them is treating the environment with care with eco-friendly methods and materials. We are the only suppliers of Brava roof tiles in the Pacific Northwest. Brava roofing is made of up-cycled material, is also recyclable, and with a 50-year limited warranty, we believe in this product. Not only does it eliminate the need for maintenance and repairs, when the next generation needs to replace the roof, the entire roof can be recycled, drastically limiting the impact on the environment. Orca Roofing is committed to taking an extra step to recycle the existing materials that come off your current roof. The extra cost of recycling the asphalt composite roofing or cedar shingles is worth it to us in order to reduce our carbon footprint. With a little extra effort and expense, we are glad the asphalt shingles get recycled instead of sitting in the landfill. 

Premium Consideration

Not only do we only use products that neutralize our carbon footprint, we do it with consideration to you, the homeowner. Roofing can be a messy business during a roof replacement. Garbage and scraps of asphalt roof singles can be strewn around your yard and bushes, and even with the best clean up effort, can be discovered long after the job is finished. Orca Roofing’s goal is to minimize the impact on your daily life during the roof replacement through our investment into equipment that will reduce mess and impact to your driveway. Most roofing companies rent a dumpster, and from the roof, push or throw off the old materials into the dumpster. The dumpsters are huge and heavy, and usually do damage to the driveway. When materials are thrown to the dumpster from the roof, inevitably it doesn’t all make it, making roofing a messy business. However, with the investment into the Equipter RB 4000, we are proud of the mess we don’t make. This smaller, more mobile trailer collects the old roofing materials at the height of the roof, and shuttles the waste into a larger dumpster (located in a place that won’t damage your property!). This remarkable tool is just one of the investments we’ve made into providing you with the best service. 

Personalized Service

With Orca Roofing, you will receive personalized service. You will have a dedicated project manager who will be overseeing your job and available if there are questions or issues. Your satisfaction, in addition to installing a premier roof, is our goal. We believe personalized, dedicated service and attentive communication will eliminate any issues that might arise. We take great care in our hiring and training, ensuring only the best, and most skilled, roofers work on your home. When you contact us for a free estimate, we will walk you through the best plan for your specific home and roof—from material selection to clean up—we’ve got you covered. We look forward to working with you, and look forward to hearing from you today!

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