Best Roofing material for the rain

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Seattle is known for its rain. Born-and-raised Seattleites know the difference between rain, passing showers, drizzle, a sprinkle and a light misting. It’s not called the Emerald City for nothing, and often many residents don’t use an umbrella. After all, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. This fall has featured record rainfall, surprising even the most dedicated rain aficionado. Not surprisingly, it’s during the heavy rainfalls homeowners call a roofing company after the unpleasant discovery of a leak in the roof. The leak only exists, and is put to the test, when the water begins to fall. 

Water is the roof’s greatest enemy, and Seattle homeowners must be diligent with regular roof maintenance. Water, and the damp environment is ideal for moss and mildew to thrive. A build up of moss and mildew on a roof, over time will erode and breakdown the roof’s material. The breakdown causes cracks and abnormalities allowing water to get into places it shouldn’t. Water in the form of ice and snow can also cause problems for a roof. Though ice and snow are not a regular part of a Northwest winter, ice and snow add load to a roof and ice expands and contracts adding wear and tear to a roof. It is better to get a roof replacement when the weather is good in the summer. Keep an eye on your roof, making sure you don’t leave a roof replacement until it’s too late. Better to protect your roof now with one of Orca Roofing’s best roofing materials for the rain. A great roof, and regular maintenance, will protect your home from the elements for years to come. 

Composition Asphalt Shingles

The most common roofing shingles are composition roof shingles, made from asphalt, fibrous materials and granules. Orca Roofing only installs the highest quality composition shingles from Owen’s Corning. We install the TruDefinition® Duration®, Duration Flex® and Woodcrest® materials by Owen’s Corning. These three options are extremely thick and durable, offering long-lasting peace of mind from the effects from the rain. The Owen’s Corning® Total Protection Roofing System® features strong building blocks for a breathable, but water-tight roof. Orca Roofing specializes in this complete system made to seal, defend and breathe against water and the elements. A composition roof is a very reliable, long-lasting choice against the Pacific Northwest’s wet winters. 

Metal Roofing 

Another incredibly smart choice against the rain is metal roofing. Orca Roofing installs locally owned NuRay Metals metal roofing. Metal roofs tend to cost more than a traditional composition roof, but many of the benefits of a metal roof are longer lasting than any other choice of roofing. A metal roof, if maintained, will last 4 times longer than an asphalt-shingle roof without needing to be replaced. Metal roofing increases the energy efficiency of your home, and can save a homeowner up to 40% on energy costs compared to the composition roofing. NuRay’s D2 Kynar 500® ULTRA-Cool™finishes reflect and re-emit 90% of the sun’s heat keeping your home much cooler in the summer. Because metal roofing adds a solid layer of protection on top, many homeowners save up to 35% on their hazard insurance with a metal roof. When branches fly and trees fall, a metal roof gives additional security against common hazards of the Northwest winter. Homeowners find that nearly the entire cost of the roof is recouped during the sale of the home. We love that NuRay’s metal roofing is made from a minimum of 30% recycled steel. Eventually after 50+ years, when it does need to be replaced, nearly 100% of the steel roof can be recycled. Metal roofing is an extremely reliable, low-maintenance choice that holds up well to the regions wet and windy winters. 

Brava Roof Tile

Brava Roof Tile are another incredible, but lesser known product, to withstand years of wet. These roof tiles, made from an up-cycled, composite material feature an authentic cedar-shingle look with unrivaled performance. They are low maintenance and ensure a long life. Orca Roofing is the only certified installer of Brava Roof Tile in the Pacific Northwest. We are on their PCP (preferred contractor list). The Brava cedar shake is a better choice in our rainy climate than actual cedar shake. Because wood shingles are a natural material, they expand when wet. In nature, this works just fine, but the constant expansion and contraction that occurs in natural cedar shake breaks down the shingles over time. Cedar shake requires attentive maintenance to extend their life, and though wood is technically a sustainable material, much of the cedar shingles used today are made from farm-raised lumber. This lumber tends to produce a cheaper-quality shake that absorbs more water than a shake made from old-growth lumber. A true Pacific Northwester doesn’t want old-growth lumber logged, and neither do we. Orca Roofing believes Brava Roof Tile is the way of the future with cedar shake roofing. Brava’s roof tiles perfectly mimic cedar shake without the impact to the environment. Their tiles are lightweight, not requiring extra reinforcement to the structure of the roof. They are maintenance free, and backed by a 50-year warranty. They also come in any color; they have standard colors to choose from, but can match or create any color for any of their products. 

The rain is inevitable in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, but your roof doesn’t have to suffer because of the weather. Selecting the right material for your home, and choosing Orca Roofing as your best choice for a roof replacement. As a boutique roofing company, we believe in staying small, and we’ve hired the best roofers in the business. Our two crews are skilled and knowledgable, and will replace your roof with the highest-quality roof, for the best value on the Eastside. 

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