Why composition roofing is a great roofing material

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It could be argued that the roof is the most important feature of a house. A weather-tight roof protects your biggest investment from the elements. The roof protects the structure and integrity of the building itself, and a roof installed correctly prevents the slow, undetected leaks which can ruin your home over time. Knowing what type of roof you currently have is a good first step in understanding roofing, and knowing when your roof needs to be replaced is important in order to protect your greatest investment from water damage. Orca Roofing is your best choice for roof replacements because our small, professional teams get your job quickly and with integrity. 

There are a number of materials Orca Roofing works with, but the most common is composition roofing. Many homes on the greater Eastside have composition roofs, but not all composition roofing material is the same. Orca Roofing only installs the top-of-the-line composition roofing, but knowing the difference between the lines allows you to hire the right roofing company right from the start. Knowing where the differences are in composition roofing allows you to protect your home with the highest-quality roof. 

What Is Composition Roofing?

Composition roofing is a composite material, made up of multiple elements: laminate, fiberglass, wood, slate, mineral granules and asphalt. The term composition roofing is synonymous with asphalt roofing. Most manufacturers have their own proprietary mix of materials, made in different forms and colors. Most homes in the Bellevue area have dark grey composition roofs, but brown shades and occasionally a white or green composition roof can be spotted. 

What Types of Composition Roofing Are There?

There is a range of price and quality when it comes to composition roofing. Most roofing companies offer a three-tab shingle. These are a homeowner’s cheapest option because they are the lowest quality. They are thinner and less durable, reducing the lifespan of the roof as a whole. Three-tab shingles are very uniform, and don’t add visual interest or dimension to a home. Many companies do offer three-tab roofing as their cheapest option. Orca Roofing doesn’t believe three-tab shingles is the answer for high-quality roofing, and does not offer it as an option for composition roofing. Three-tab, though the cheapest option, isn’t the cheapest in the long run because of its shorter lifespan. Making the investment into a higher quality architectural shingle pays off in the long run. 

Architectural shingles are higher quality shingles than three-tab shingles, but even architectural shingles are not all created equal. Architectural shingles are also called laminate or laminated shingles because they are made with a heavier, more durable base mat. Orca Roofing installs Owens Corning Duration®, DurationFlex®, and the Woodcrest® lines (along with other roofing options). These lines provide our customers with the highest quality roof. They are durable, flexible, heavy and thick. They are designed withstand water, weather and extreme elements. 

Why is High Quality Composition Roofing Important?

Because not all composition roof shingles are created equal, Orca Roofing loves to share all the benefits of Owens Corning roofing materials with our customers. Not only does Owens Corning have a well-designed Total Protection Roofing System®, to seal, defend and protect your roof from the bottom layer to the top, their composition roof shingles have unique features that set them apart from other composition roof materials. These lines of composition roofing from Owens Corning are made with a unique blend of SBS modified asphalt giving the material a flexible, rubberized ability. Rigidity increases the chance for cracks, thus increasing the chance of roof leaks. Owens Corning designs their architectural shingles with their SureNail® Technology. Strength and durability are built into each Duration® and DurationFlex® shingle because of the unique fabric strip in the nailing area. Because of this breakthrough design, these shingles provide outstanding grip power. 

Owens Corning TruDefinition® color design is specifically formulated to capture vibrant, attractive hues setting off the appeal of your home. Their detailed design features multiple-granule colors and shadowing, creating a dimensional look. The granules are specifically designed to combat algae with their StreakGuard™, copper-lined granules which help resist algae growth. Because of the wet, rainy Seattle winters, algae resistance protection is a very helpful feature. 

High-quality architectural shingles provide built-in wind resistance. Losing shingles off the roof deck makes a roof susceptible to damage and leaks. The architectural shingles Orca Roofing installs are third-party tested in laboratories and features a wind-resistance warranty unto 130 MPH. 

Choosing Orca Roofing

Orca Roofing believes in quality, and only installs materials that will last. Our model and methods are different than the big roofing companies. We stay small on purpose. Being a smaller company with two highly capable crews, allows us to maintain the highest level of installation and customer service. As a boutique roofing company, we assign a project manager to each job site, and this individual communicates the details and logistics to you. If problems arise, the project manager is able to pivot quickly to remedy the issue. We’ve invested in tools that allow us to work efficiently, reducing the amount of disruption to you. We use the Equipter 4000 on each job site, allowing us to collect roof debris at roof level reducing the amount of errant roofing debris in your front yard. The Equipter 400 has a small and lightweight footprint and will never damage your grass and landscaping. 

When it comes to roofing and roofing companies, it’s not the place to skimp. A roof is an investment for the future of your home’s structure, and Orca Roofing is your best choice. We carry and install the highest quality materials, and because of our high level of customer service, your roof replacement will be smooth, efficient and without disruption to you. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free estimate, and rest easy knowing your new roof will be the best. 

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