The Orca Roofing Difference

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Just as roofs and roofing materials are not created equal, neither are roofing companies. Understanding what type of roof you have, the condition it is in, and whether or not it needs to be replaced is important, but if it does need to be replaced, it’s even more important to find the best roofing company. Orca Roofing is a locally owned, boutique roofing company built specifically with customers in mind. We serve the greater Eastside, replacing many roofs in Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, and Mercer Island. We want a roof replacement to be easy and seamless for you. We don’t think a roof replacement should disrupt your life, and we’ve taken specific steps to structure our business and invest in tools to make your job run smoothly with little mess. 


We’ve all heard the radio ads for roofing companies. They are big companies with many crews in order to do a large volume of roof replacements at one time. Orca Roofing has chosen to do it differently for a number of reasons. We believe the customer gets a better experience working with a smaller company. We have two crews on purpose. Our crews are highly skilled with decades of experience. They are not new to the industry, and have seen every problem a roof might have. Because of their knowledge and experience, they are able to work effectively and efficiently, repairing and fixing any problems that might arise. Each of our crews has a foreman who will act as your point of contact during your roof replacement. They will be available for questions and concerns for the duration of your job. We think with fewer crews, but a higher level of attentiveness and accommodation, we can offer a higher level of customer service from start to finish. We don’t want to expand to using a large number of crews. We believe a smaller number of crews allows us to provide the best customer service of any roofing company in the area. When we are working on your job, we aren’t working on 10 other jobs, so we can deliver the level of customer service you expect. 



Along with the highest level of customer service we only offer the highest quality materials. Many companies offer a “good, better, best” model with their composition roofing options, but we only offer the “best” options for composition roofing, because we don’t think customers should waste money on inferior products. We feature the Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System® and the Duration® and Duration Flex® shingles. Orca Roofing is also the only certified distributer of Brava Roof Tiles in the Pacific Northwest. Brava Roof Tiles are an eco-friendly composite roof tile built to last. They are durable, made from up-cycled materials, and look identical to cedar shake, but without the environmental impact. They are lightweight, and virtually maintenance free. Brava Roof Tiles are an excellent option in this rainy and wet climate. Orca Roofing also installs TPO roofing. This is a synthetic, waterproof membrane installed on flat roofs. It creates a water-tight layer of protection. Many people love the simplicity of a metal roof, and Orca Roofing installs Nu-Ray Metals roofs. They’re local too! Orca Roofing believes in using quality materials. We might not offer everything, but we stand by the materials we offer and install. 


Another aspect of our commitment to high-quality customer service is our investment into incredible tools. We use the innovative Equipter 4000. It is a mobile dumpster that collects roof debris from roof level. Its hydraulic lift will lift the dumpster up to 12 feet, and can collect 4 cubic yards of garbage. The benefit of collecting the old materials at roof level is to reduce the debris that ends up in the yard and landscaping. Roofing is messy. The Equipter doesn’t eliminate the mess, but it drastically reduces it. This tool has a small and lightweight footprint so it won’t make ruts in your yard. We love using it to shuttle debris from your roof to a larger dumpster parked in the street. Most roofing companies park a large dumpster in your driveway to collect the debris. We see two problems with this: 1) oversized dumpsters can ruin your driveway. They’re heavy, and can scrape a divot into your driveway. If we need a large dumpster for your job, we park the large dumpster on your street or nearby, but not in your driveway. 2) Most roofing companies toss the old roofing material from the roof into the dumpster. Much of this misses the dumpster and makes a big mess in your yard. We like to do better. Orca Roofing, by using the Equipter 4000, collects nearly all of the roofing material at roof level, eliminating the need for roofing to be tossed from the roof down below into the dumpster. We believe our quality customer service extends to how we perform on the job which even includes how we collect the garbage. Every detail is thought of and attended to with Orca Roofing. 


We’re raising our kids in this community, and being a local business means we invest in the community. We understand the real estate market on the greater Eastside and the unique benefits and challenges that come with it. We know personally the quality of roof needed to protect our most expensive investments—our homes. Having the right roof installed by highly skilled professionals ensures water-tight, correctly vented roofs to protect your home from water and weather for years to come. The roof is your home’s first layer of protection, and having the best roof, and the highest quality materials, gives you peace of mind as well as a long-lasting roof. We love being a member of the Bellevue community, and take pride in our work. We’re confident you will enjoy working with Orca Roofing. If you are in need of a new roof, contact us today. One of our experienced project managers will come see your roof, make recommendations, get you a bid, and install your new roof. 

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