Brava roof tile: premium roofing material for an eco-friendly future

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From the beginning, Orca Roofing has been future focused. We are a roofing company set apart because we’re thinking about the next generation. Construction waste fills landfills with tons and tons of pounds of materials that could otherwise be recycled, reused in order to reduce the impact on the environment as well as not leach chemicals into ground water and the air. We don’t think that’s great, and as a company we’re committed to reducing construction waste. One of the premier roofing materials we use is also forward thinking: Brava Roof Tile.  

Why Brava Roof Tile are the Best

Brava Roof Tiles are high-quality, composite roof tiles. They are made from a proprietary formula of recycled materials that doesn’t break down. They are durable, reliable, and do not fade over time. These high-performance shingles are designed to withstand severe weather, including the highest hail resistance rating in the industry. They come with a 50-year limited warranty, and a couple of their tiles meet the requirements for both Energy Star® and Title 24 which helps keep homes cooler and increase HVAC efficiency by reflecting sunlight away from the building and preventing heat to absorb into the building below. They have a Class A fire rating and a Class 4 impact rating, which is the highest in the industry. Brava Roof Tiles are suitable for all climates, can handle freeze and thaw cycles as well as extreme heat. They are mold resistant and do no absorb water. Unlike other roofing materials, Brava Roof Tiles can be installed in all climates and any weather. Extreme temperatures don’t effect installation. They truly are the best in class, #1 composite roof shingle. 

The Choice is Yours

Brava Roof Tiles come in three style choices: Cedar Shake, Old World Slate, and Spanish Barrel. 

Cedar Shake Tile

The Cedar Shake Brava Roof Tiles look like traditional cedar shake shingles, but these are made from the composite polymer material. They come in the industry standard 5”, 7” and 12” widths and vary in thickness for authentic, natural shake-roof texture. These composition roof tiles have a longer life expectancy than cedar roofs and siding, and require a lot less maintenance. The cedar shake tiles are available in any color or even a custom color combination. With a traditional cedar-shake roof, shingles break, but Brava tiles will not break during or after installation, they require no special tools to install, and there are numerous accessory pieces available for the finishing touches. The cedar tiles have all the true-to-life beauty of cedar with rustic, split texture combined with the eco-friendly benefits of composite roofing material. 

Old World Slate

Brava Roof Tiles also offers Old World Slate. Slate roofs are stunning, and because natural slate is stone, slate roofs weight substantially more than a traditional cedar-shake roof. However, with Brava Roof’s Old World Slate the roof can have all the traditional slate look without the traditional slate weight. The composite slate tiles have a natural quarried look, but the lightweight composite tile, don’t add the weight of natural slate. No substructure or reinforcements needed to support the tiles. They come in fully blended colors for a natural look, and are the only composite slate shingles available in multiple colors. They cut and nail with ease, and will not break, crack or shift when walked on. 

Spanish Barrel

Because of our wet and rainy reputation in the Pacific Northwest, Orca Roofing doesn’t install too many Spanish Barrel Tile roofs. Though they are common in hot-weather environments, they are rare in the Seattle area. But there are some. If you have a Spanish Barrel tile roof that needs replacing, consider Orca Roofing and the Spanish Barrel tiles from Brava Roof Tile. They have all the same benefits as the composite cedar shake and slate tiles, and like traditional clay Spanish barrel tiles, these can be walked on, gun nailed or screwed down for higher wind specs, and are perfect for areas with repeat freeze/thaw cycles. 

Eco-Friendly Roofing Material

With our eyes on the future, we knew at Orca Roofing, we needed to use materials that fit into our ethos. Brava Roof Tiles fit the bill because they are fully recyclable. They are made from a proprietary, recycled material which is also fully recyclable. A recyclable roof? Yes, please. By using Brava tiles, old-growth cedars aren’t being cut down and slate isn’t being quarried. Many traditional cedar shakes used in construction right now are made from farm-grown cedar, which is great—better than using old-growth cedar—but the quality just isn’t there. Shake shingles made from farm-grown cedar are less durable, easier to split and and doesn’t meet the quality standards Orca Roofing adheres to. Orca Roofing believes construction waste and debris puts a strain on the environment, but we think we can do better, and it starts with composite Brava Roof Tiles. We think they’re the best shingles for a roof. They are lightweight, durable, color fast, durable and maintenance-free. When installed, Brava Roof Tiles look like authentic cedar shake shingles and natural slate, but Brava’s shingles will endure the test of time.

The choice is clear. Orca Roofing stands behind Brava Roof Tile because of their superior quality, their commitment to the environment, and the variety, durability and safety ratings they meet. Once you know all the other types of roofing materials it becomes clear that Orca Roofing and Brava Roof Tile are a perfect match. The environmental considerations, superior quality and unmatched service ensures your home will have the best roof to protect your biggest investment. If your roof needs replacing, and you want the best, contact Orca Roofing today for a free estimate for a roof replacement. Our commitment to the environment and our customers makes Orca Roofing the best choice using the best roofing materials on the market.

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