Best Roof shingles on the market in 2021

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You Wouldn’t Hire a Roofer Specializing in Cardboard Shingles …

Just as you’d never trust a plumber to fix a leak with duct tape, you’d never hire a roofing company specializing in cardboard shingles. A house is too important and too valuable an investment to hire a sub-par company using poor-quality roofing materials.

Orca Roofing is a different type of roofing company specializing in the highest-quality roofing material, eco-friendly methods, and unparalleled service. Knowing the difference between roofing materials, understanding the benefits of composite materials and why they are the best sets homeowners up to make a great choice when selecting Orca Roofing as their roofing company.

What Types of Roof Shingles Are There?

Selecting the best shingles for your roof means understanding all that there is to choose from. Factors such as roof pitch, climate, and architectural features of a home are determining elements when selecting the best materials for your home’s roof.

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roof shingles. They are commonly known as composite roof shingles, and asphalt is their primary component. They are relatively inexpensive, come in different colors and grades, but add to the growing problem of construction debris when discarded.

Slate is another roofing material, not used as commonly as composite roofing shingles, because of the cost and the overall weight slate shingles add to the architectural load on the home’s structure.

Metal roofs are a common material used, especially in extreme climates. They can handle snow loads and hot temperatures.

Wood shingles, usually made from cedar, are another common type of roof shingles. Old-growth cedar makes the best shingles, but because preserving old-growth trees is important to environmental sustainability, younger, farm-grown cedar doesn’t make as high-quality shingles.

Architectural, barrel tiles are frequently used in dry, hot climates, and they perform well, but need to be replaced over time, and they can’t be walked on without the risk of breakage.

PVC or torch-down is another type of roofing material as well as application, and most of the time this synthetic roofing material is used on flat roofs. In dry climates this type of roof is great, but in a wet environment, if water sits on the roof for extended periods of time, the roof will begin to break down and cause leaks.

The Best Roof Shingles on the Market Right Now: Composition Roofing

Read why we think Owens Corning Duration® and Duration Flex® premium composition shingles are the best shingles you can buy in 2021.

Though Orca Roofing is aware of all the different types of roofing materials, because of our commitment to the environment, and because we want to provide our customers with the best roof shingle material, we use Owens Corning Duration® and Duration Flex® premium composition shingles. We don’t waste your time or money with inferior shingles. Where many roofing companies give “good, better, best” options Orca Roofing only offers better and best.

Duration® and Duration Flex® shingles come in a variety of colors, creating the best look for your home. We offer the Duration Flex® and Woodcrest® shingles, each with its own aesthetic. The Woodcrest® looks more rustic with a more irregular pattern, emulating cedar shake shingles. The Duration Flex® shingles have a more uniform and modern look.

The quality of our roofing is in every layer of our roofing system. The underlayment paired with the ice and water barrier seals the roof from moisture. The specifically designed composition shingles defend against nature’s worst elements—high winds, rain, snow, ice, and extreme temperatures. But even the best shingles don’t last if the roof can’t breathe, and Orca Roofing’s roofing system is complete with intake and exhaust vents for balanced ventilation. Owens Corning® Duration® series shingles feature their patented SureNail® Technology providing a triple layer of reinforcement in the shingle’s nailing zone offering unmatched fastener holding power. These shingles are thicker, more durable, and come with a wind-resistance limited warranty. When shopping for the best roof shingles, the difference is in the details.

More on Owens Corning Duration® Series

Orca Roofing only installs the best roof shingles on the market. Owens Corning® shingles stand apart from the rest and were carefully researched and selected as the best brand of roof shingles for any home.

The Duration® and Duration Flex® shingles feature 10 years of algae resistance through their innovative copper-lined granules creating built-in protection against the wet Pacific Northwest weather. The award-winning Duration Flex® shingles feature a Class-4 impact rating against hail. They are thick and durable, made from blended, pliable SBS asphalt offering lasting protection for your home. The Duration® shingles lend a traditional shake look to your roof. For a more varied, dimensional look, Duration Flex® gives architectural texture to your roof. The best shingles are made by a company that understands roofing and has created a roofing system that produces a water-tight, weather-proof roof that lasts. Orca Roofing believes in the Owens Corning® Duration® and Duration Flex® shingles and is confident they are the best shingles on the market.

To get started with a high-quality roof replacement, Orca Roofing provides free estimates, thoughtful and careful tear off and clean up, and white-glove installation. We have invested in state-of-the-art tools that ensure a clean job site and little hassle to your daily life. We collect roofing debris from roof level rather than throwing it off into a dumpster. Our goal is to keep our job sites clean, and we shuttle our extendable dumpster to a larger dumpster. Because dumpsters can damage driveways, the dumpster for your job will be parked off site.

Our Vote for Best Roof Shingle on the Market

The choice is clear. Orca Roofing stands behind Owens Corning shingles because of their superior quality, their commitment to performance, and the longevity and safety ratings they meet.

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Once you know all the other types of roofing materials it becomes clear that Orca Roofing and Owens Corning are a perfect match. The superior quality and unmatched service ensures your home will have the best roof to protect your biggest investment. If your roof needs replacing, and you want the best, contact Orca Roofing today for a free estimate for a roof replacement. Our commitment to high-quality roof shingles, and our customers, makes Orca Roofing the best choice using the best roofing materials on the market.

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