What to expect with a roof replacement

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There comes a point in the life of any home when the roof needs to be replaced. It’s vital not to push off getting your roof replaced, because it protects your greatest investment, your home. It can feel daunting to navigate through researching a great roofing contractor, understanding the materials and the best fit for your home. Once the contractor is selected you depend on them  to complete the work in a timely manner with the highest quality and skill, and to clean up after the job is completed. Messy roof debris scattered around the yard and landscaping is not a job well done. There are a few things you should expect with a roof replacement, and things you can count on when using Orca Roofing


Half of the work is finding a high-quality roofing company to complete your job. If you’ve found this company, and you’re ready for the roof replacement to begin, there is a bit of preparation before you give the roofing contractor the green “go ahead” light. Depending on the layout and style of your home as well as the condition of your roof, there’s a chance that some falling debris could make it into your house. Pine needles, drywall debris or  bits of insulation could fall inside the home during your roof replacement. Protecting your floor, furniture and decorations, or covering or moving items altogether, will make for easier clean up inside your home. Orca Roofing prides itself on its job site cleanliness, but there is also outdoor preparation to consider. If there are valuable bushes or trees near the perimeter of the home, consider covering them with a tarp or drop cloth. Discus both the inside and outside preparation with your roofing contractor. They might have an idea where the roof could drop debris into your home, and recommend prepping a certain area over others. Orca Roofing has invested in tools to make your roof replacement mess free, so we only recommend covering plants if they are positively irreplaceable. Also, we recommend discussing entering and exiting your home during demolition and replacement. If people and pets are coming and going, have the roofing contractor give you clear direction about where and when it’s safe to exit. 


When the area is prepped and ready, the first step in a roof replacement is demolition. Because of Orca Roofing’s investment in the Equipter 4000, we are proud of the mess we don’t make. Most companies scrape the old roofing off and into the yard. The debris and mess is everywhere, and even the best-intentioned roofers can’t get every scrap. But, the Equipter rises to the mess and collects it at roof level as it is being scraped off. If a roof is in poor condition when the cedar or composition shingles are removed in addition to the paper, the bottom plywood layer will be exposed. With excessive water damage the contractor might have to replace some of the squares of plywood. 


Once the roof is demoed and laid bare, the contractor will get a good look at the base layer, the foundation, of your roof. They will be able to inspect any damage and locate any surprises under the previous roofing material. Water has a sneaky way of finding its way into small spaces and causing problems. A great roofing contractor will be able to adjust the plans easily and quickly upon inspection. 


After the demolition of the previous roof, and inspection of the plywood foundation, repairs to this important layer will be made. If the previous roof was in very bad condition, there’s a chance the entire roof will need to be re-sheeted, meaning the entire foundation of the roof needs all new plywood. Usually, there are one or two troublesome spots that need to be replaced with a new sheet of plywood. The contractor will make sure the roof foundation is perfect and ready to go before new roofing is nailed down. 


There’s no point in adding new roofing if it’s not first sealed. One of the high-quality roofing materials Orca Roofing installs is the Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System®. The first layer of this system is the Seal layer. This two-part layer helps to create water-proof protection. The specialized ice & water and underlayment layer work together to keep moisture away from the roof deck. Water is the chief enemy to a roof, and it likes to collect where you can see it, and ruin the roof. This barrier also helps to prevent damage from shingle blow off, high winds and ice damming. 


The second layer to an Orca Roofing Owens Corning roof is the defense layer. With strong adhesion, this layer resists blow offs and helps shed water away from the roof deck. It’s a tough layer that works hard. It protects vulnerable areas on the roof such as the peaks and eaves. On top of the hardworking defense layer lays the shingles. Orca Roofing installs only the highest-quality shingles, and though they look great, they are the best defense against the weather. They are made from thick asphalt and come in a variety of colors and styles, and though they look great, they are working hard to protect your biggest investment. 


In addition to water being the roof’s greatest enemy, a lack of air flow becomes fuel on the fire. Black mold will grow at an alarming rate if moist air has no where to flow. The third and final layer of Owen Corning’s Total Protection Roofing System® optimizes airflow in the attic. Heat and moisture buildup can lead to ice damming which shortens the lifespan of your roof through deterioration, leaks and mold. Proper intake and exhaust ventilation work to create a balanced flow where humid air is replaced by cool, dry air. This step in the roofing system is just ask important as the base layer and shingles if you want your roof to last. 

Clean Up

The final step in a roof replacement is the clean up. Our Equipter 4000 makes clean up a breeze, and our goal is for the job site to be neat and tidy as we go with no left over debris once were gone. We take pride in our clean job sites, and believe homeowners shouldn’t have to live through a messy roof replacement. We stand out from our competition not just with the quality of materials we offer, but with our attention to cleanliness. When the roofing contractor is finished with your roof, the site should be clean. There should not be shingles, nails or plywood strewn here and there. 

Getting a total roof replacement is not a headache if you use Orca Roofing. We are a company with a vision for the future, and believe a roof replacement shouldn’t interrupt your life. We only offer the best, and we do it with superior customer service. We can’t wait to work with you, call us today for a free estimate. 

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