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Roof Repair Services in the Puget Sound Region

Are you looking into hiring a roofing contractor in the Puget Sound Region or somewhere near there? After years of offering free repair estimates, we realized sending a roofing consultant or salesperson to assess repairs wasn’t helping homeowners. Repairs often turned out to be more complex than anticipated, causing frustration and increased costs. To improve the customer experience, we shifted to sending our repair technicians for assessments, leading to more accurate diagnoses and better efficiency.

Our final challenge was finding a cost-effective way to handle both small and large repairs. That’s why we introduced a two-tier pricing system for transparency. For minor repairs, we charge based on time and materials, up to $1,000. For larger repairs exceeding this threshold, we provide fixed bids. Our repair crew arrives prepared, and if it’s a smaller repair, they proceed. If it’s larger, they can do a temporary fix and send you a quote for the full repair.

At Orca Roofing & Exteriors, we understand the urgency and importance of fixing leaks and other repair issues promptly. We prioritize efficient and effective solutions to ensure your peace of mind. 

Here’s an overview of how our repair process works:

We offer a repair crew to promptly address repairs without providing estimates, with pricing based on time & materials, including:

  • $95 per hour per person (1 to 2 person crew)
  • Materials
  • 1 hour of drive time

We have a $500 minimum charge of our services. The repair costs typically range between $500 to $1,000 for smaller repairs. 

For larger repairs that exceed the $1,000 threshold, we will provide a temporary fix and present you with a fixed bid for the full repair on the same day. If you decide to proceed with the full repair, we will credit you the initial cost of the temporary fix toward the total repair cost and get you on our schedule for the larger project.  In addition to Oak Harbor, we will also provide a roofing contractor in Redmond, WA and the surrounding area.

Our Repair Process


  1. Contact Us: Reach out to us for prompt repair services.
  2. Assessment and Temporary Fix: Our experienced repair crew will arrive at your location to assess the issue and for smaller issues, complete the full-repair. For larger repairs, we’ll provide a temporary fix to address immediate concerns.
  3. Fixed Bid for Full Repair: On the same day, we’ll provide you with a detailed fixed bid for the complete repair.
  4. Credit for Full Repair: Should you choose to proceed with the full repair, we’ll credit the initial cost of the temporary repair towards the total repair cost.

Benefits of Orca Roofing & Exteriors’ Repair Services:

  • Dedicated Repair Crew: Meet our repair specialists, our dedicated two-person repair team.
  • Efficient Supply Management: Equipped with a trailer stocked with essential supplies for swift responses.
  • Optimized Scheduling: We schedule two appointments per day—morning and afternoon slots—for minor repairs.
  • Comprehensive Repair Handling: For repairs under $1,000, we document and estimate the time and materials needed.
  • Prompt Quote Generation: Our office swiftly generates fixed-bid repair quotes, delivered to clients on the same day.
  • Convenient Full Repairs: We prioritize client needs, scheduling comprehensive repairs later in the week, or immediately if crew availability allows.

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See What Our Past Customers Are Saying

Skylar W.
"The whole experience was an absolute dream!"
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Orca under promised and over delivered every step of the way, I wish we needed a roof more often than every 10 years so we could use them again sooner. The whole experience was an absolute dream.
Tim Q.
"Went above and beyond!"
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We have a rental that had an emergency due to a large branch hitting the top of our house. Orca understood the urgency, got out here and finished quickly. Even went above and beyond hauling a larger branch that I definitely could not do on my own.
Pam F.
"These guys were fabulous."
Read More
The communication was great, which is not always the case with any kind of construction-related company. The owner was responsive and even helped us with CCR’s just in case the HOA tried to get involved. The quality of work was fabulous.
Enrique J.
"They did a fantastic job."
Read More
I'm so glad we chose Orca Roofing to go with. They always answered my calls and took the time to listen to all my questions and concerns. They did a fantastic job. I love my new roof.
Maria F.
"We had a great experience with Orca Roofing!"
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Our rental property leaked during the snow and we decided to replace the whole roof. They showed up a week early due to an opening in their schedule, removed the old roof, installed the new one and cleaned up in a matter of days.
Dan S.
"Prompt and reasonable!"
Read More
The team at Orca Roofing provided us with excellent service when a branch punched a hole in the roof of our house. We will use Orca Roofing in the future for any work we might need done. We highly recommend them.
Thomas C.
"Thanks to Orca’s crew who did a fabulous job on my roof!"
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We had a great experience with Orca Roofing– they used a giant specialized tarp to keep debris and nails from getting into bushes and lawn, and they left the job site totally clean after the job was done. Thanks to Orca’s crew who did a fabulous.
Deimos A.
"So pleased with the final result."
Read More
Erik and his crew were amazing from start to finish. Very responsive and willing to work with us to get a roof we were happy with. So pleased with the final result. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of a new roof.



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