Total protection roofing system® for a long-lasting roof

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Orca Roofing installs premium, first-class roofs, combining the best roofing materials on the market with superior service to create a roof that lasts protecting your biggest investment for years to come. To the untrained eye, a roof is a roof—it protects from the weather and keeps the home dry, but the variation in roofing is drastic. Depending on the quality of the materials and the ability of the installers, the difference is in the details. Orca Roofing installs the Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System® because we believe total protection is the only option in roofing. 

The Total Protection Roofing System® gives total confidence to the homeowner. Their three-step system includes a seal, defense, and proper ventilation, and when properly installed, provides the best defense against the elements. The details have been thought through and the materials are up to the task in three critical components: seal, defend, breathe.


The first step of the Total Protection Roofing System® is the sealing layer. This layer creates a water-proof barrier against ice damming, wind-driven rain, and typical water flow. When a roof is properly sealed, slow-growing problems like rot and mold do not have access to the bottom layer. Owens Corning offers a number of Ice & Water barrier products, and Orca Roofing evaluates your roof to decide which product will provide a custom fit for your specific roof. These barriers help protect the roof’s under layer where water usually collects or flows such as valleys, eaves, chimneys, and skylights. They also help prevent damage associated with shingle blow-off, wind-driven rain, and ice damming. The seal layer also features a synthetic underlayment, and depending on your roof Orca Roofing chooses the right layer for your roof. This first protection provides a water-shedding barrier under the shingles for your roof’s last line of defense. In the Pacific Northwest, we are familiar with steady rain. When it kicks up, and when the wind drives the rain and batters the roof, this synthetic underlayment guard against the wind and rain combination. 


Orca Roofing appreciates the thoughtful detail that makes up the Total Protection Roofing System®. After the roof is sealed, the defense layer is the next part of the system that protects against the weather and builds up the roof’s defense. This tough layer of starter shingles features strong adhesion that resists blow off and helps shed water away from the roof deck. It adds another layer of protection to the most vulnerable areas of the roof such as the eaves and peaks, and creates a straight starting edge. The shingles are the main event, and the Duration® and Duration Flex® shingles Orca Roofing installs add long-lasting protection as your roof’s first line of defense. There are a variety of colors to choose from in both lines of shingles ensuring a sophisticated look in the end. Your dedicated project manager can help you decide what shingle, and what color, will be the perfect look for you house. The defend layer is capped with hip and ridge shingles which add extra protection and dimension to the places most vulnerable to high winds. These shingles perfectly match and blend with your Duration® or Duration Flex® selection. 


Moisture and stagnant warm air are the enemy of a long-lasting roof. With no airflow, a little bit of moisture and warm air makes for a moldy disaster, reducing the longevity of your roof. Though the individual roof layers create a weather seal against the elements, airflow through the attic or underside layer of the roof must have airflow. Optimizing attic airflow reduces heat and moisture build up that creates mold as well as ice damming and slow, undetected roof deterioration. Air flow helps manage temperature and moisture, and is a vital part of your roof’s health. Intake ventilation, featured through two Owens Corning products, create a balanced flow where warm, humid air is continually replaced by cool, dry air. To circulate, the system needs a place for the air to escape, and the exhaust ventilation takes care of it. This helps manage attic temperature and humidity to help protect the interior layers of the roof from heat and moisture, reducing the likelihood of ice damming and other temperature and moisture problems. The Breathe layer of the Total Protection Roofing System® is the third and final piece of the roofing system that creates the ideal environment for a long-lasting roof. 

The Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System® provides the best defense against the weather, and Orca Roofing ensures the thought and detail in each step is installed in your roof. Installing this complete system leads to energy saving, complete comfort, and peace of mind. We start with a commitment to only install the highest-quality roofing materials, and we also ensure your job site will be mess free. Roofing tends to make a mess during tear off, but Orca Roofing is proud of the mess we don’t make. We’ve invested in the top-of-the-line Equipter RB4000 which collects the roof tear-off debris at roof level. Many roofing companies add to the proliferation of construction debris, and roofing materials end up in a landfill. Chemicals can leech into groundwater, doing further destruction to the environment. Orca Roofing does it differently. We go the extra step, and take on the extra expense to recycle the asphalt roofing that comes off your home. And to make it all come together, we dedicate a project manager to your job so you have access to someone immediately if any issues arise. They oversee the details and make sure it runs smoothly. We are confident your experience with Orca Roofing will be seamless, and we know your finished product will be top quality. 

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