5 Signs you need a roof replacement

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If you’re a homeowner on the greater Eastside in Kirkland, Issaquah, Mercer Island, Redmond, Sammamish, or Bellevue area, it’s important to keep an eye on the condition of your roof. A faulty roof can lead to a variety of problems, from leaks and water damage to pests and mold. Here are five signs that it’s time to consider getting a new roof:

1. Your roof is old: Most roofs have a lifespan of around 20-25 years. If your roof is approaching or has exceeded this age, it’s likely time to start thinking about replacing it. Moss and plants growing on your roof from deferred maintenance is a sure sign your old roof could have damage.
2. You’re noticing leaks: Leaks can be caused by a variety of issues, including damaged shingles, missing flashing, and clogged gutters. If you’re noticing leaks in your home, it’s important to get them repaired as soon as possible. However, if you’re constantly having to repair leaks, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to just replace the roof. Many roofers don’t want to take on the liability of a roof repair if the roof is in bad shape and most will recommend a roof replacement.
3. Your shingles are curling or missing: If you notice that your shingles are curling or missing, it’s a sign that your roof is failing. Curling shingles can be caused by age, moisture, and heat, while missing shingles can be caused by wind damage or improper installation. If you have composite roofing it will also curl around the edges, look smooth, thin, or pieces will be missing.
4. You’re seeing daylight through your attic: If you can see daylight coming through your attic, it means that there are holes in your roof. This can be caused by a variety of issues, including rot, pests, and water damage.
5. Your energy bills are unusually high: If you’re seeing a sudden increase in your energy bills, it could be due to a faulty roof. A damaged roof can let in hot or cold air, causing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

In the wet Pacific Northwest climate water has a way of finding its way into your house. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s important to get in touch with a professional roofing contractor as soon as possible. They can assess the condition of your roof and advise you on the best course of action. While replacing a roof can be a significant expense, it’s an important investment in the long-term health and value of your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late – if you think you may need a new roof, get in touch with Orca Roofing today. One of our specialists will come out, assess your roof, give you a bid and get it done. Rest easy with Orca Roofing.

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